Government of Gujarat (GoG) in Roads and Buildings Department (R&BD) is mandated road infrastructure to plan, design, construct and maintain about 78,000 Km. of road network assigned to it.

Gujarat roads, managed by R&BD, are known as one of the best in the country. R&BD is successfully managing its road assets through various flagship programs of GoG, besides multilateral funding and Public Private Participation.

The First Gujarat State Highway Project (GSHP-I) successfully implemented by R&BD, GoG through 2001 to 2007 with the World Bank assistance. R&BD performance was rated highly satisfactory in Implementation Completion and Result report (ICR). The performance rating was also endorsed by Independent Evaluation Group (IEG), World Bank.

GSHP-I project umbrella before its closure itself, rooted efforts towards second highway project for the state. The Updated Strategic Options Study (USOS) for the Core Road Network of the Gujarat State was carried out in 2005-06 to this respect and the same was revalidated in 2010. This study has prioritised road sections on strategic parameters to arrive at about 1,600 km road length for project considerations. The state has also carried out Financing Options Study to examine cost-effective ways of implementation to the benefit of GoG and road user too. R&BD, GoG with in agreement with the World Bank finalised a project budget as Rs. 1938 crore for Second Gujarat State Highway Project (GSHP-II). Project interventions include Two Laning, Wide Two Laning, Four Laning and Rehabilitation of prioritized road sections across the regions of the state. The project delivery includes item rate kind of implementation on ICB/NCB/OPRC and Annuity/BOT channels with some innovative ways of financing/packaging to make projects more attractive. Besides, GSHP-II is trying to take lead while piloting GREEN highway concept and Safer roads initiative through this endeavor. The project duration is of five years and currently it is under implementation stage.

The Project Implementation Unit (PIU), established in GSHP-I is continued and equipped with necessary support. This PIU is headed by the Project Director, who is the Chief Engineer (World Bank) of R&BD and is at the helm of exclusive business.