Contract award details for Package No: GSHP-II/NCB/01,04,05,06,07,08 &09 for various Corridors of GSHP-II.

Please find attached file containing contract awarded for the following  corridors of GSHP-II

1       Package no GSHP-II/NCB/01  Dabhoi-Bodeli &Amod-Dabhoi corridors

2      Package no GSHP-II/NCB/03  Atkot-Gondal &Atkot-Paliad corridors

3       Package no GSHP-II/NCB/04   Karjan-Borsad Corridir

4      Package no GSHP-II/NCB/05  Umreth-Vasad &Kpadvanj-Ladvel corridors

5      Package no GSHP-II/NCB/06  Savarkundla-Dhasa corridor

6      Package no GSHP-II/NCB/07  Dhansura-Meghraj corridor

7       Package no GSHP-II/NCB/08  Lunavada-Khedapa corridor

8     Package no GSHP-II/NCB/09    Tharad-Deesa  corridor 

For more detail see the attachment